Workshop on Strengthening Capacities of Consular Authorities for the Protection of the Labor Rights of Migrant Workers

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 to Wednesday, November 6, 2013
Hotel Plaza del Libertador
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Marie-Helene Lheureux
Microsoft Office document icon Agenda196.5 KB
PDF icon Agreement Colombia - Argentina (Spanish only)10.8 KB
Office presentation icon Costa Rica - Integration of migrant workers (Spanish only)986.5 KB
PDF icon Belize - Challenges with opportunties in managing trans-border migration90.13 KB
File Costa Rica - Direction of Integration and Human Development (Spanish only)4.07 MB
Office presentation icon Costa Rica - Labour migrations and job market in Costa Rica (Spanish only)503 KB
File El Salvador - Consular protection and labour rights (Spanish only)1.06 MB
Office presentation icon FONAMIH - Migrant women (Spanish only)22.59 MB
File Honduras - Labour Migration (Spanish only)886.92 KB
File Honduras - Systems of information for the protection and promotion (Spanish only)328.79 KB
File Honduras - Instruments for the participation of consular authorities (Spanish only)364.24 KB
PDF icon Mechanism consular network of protection of human rights and legal assistance (Spanish only)648.06 KB
Office presentation icon Mexico - Program of Agricoltural Temporary Workers (Spanish only)2.25 MB
Office presentation icon Mexico - Mexicana experience in the hiring of migrant workers (Spanish only)4.35 MB
File Nicaragua - System of information on labour migration (Spanish only)1.44 MB
File IOM - Validation of competencies and titles (Spanish only)3.34 MB
Office presentation icon IOM - Importance of migratory information systems as protection mechanisms (Spanish only)423 KB
File OIM - Voluntary assisted return and reintegration (Spanish only)343.26 KB
File ILO - Migration and social security in Honduras (Spanish only)199.68 KB
File ILO - Decente work and domestic work (Spanish only)190.08 KB
File Dominican Republic - Role of information systems in protection (Spanish only)3.16 MB
File USA - Consular partnership program252.5 KB
PDF icon World migration report 201310.93 MB
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