Workshop on Search Mechanisms for Missing Migrants

Workshop on Search Mechanisms for Missing Migrants
About the event: 

General Objective:

That the authorities of the Member Countries may learn about the different mechanisms and best practices that currently operate for the search and forensic identification of missing migrants and repatriation of the bodies, their origin and operation, their conformation and characteristics, interactions, exchanges, and information flows at the regional level.

Specific Objectives:

  • Participants will identify the characteristics, conformation and functioning of search mechanisms, their strengths, and challenges in the region.
  • Identify the progress and challenges for regional migrant tracking and forensic identification.
  • They will learn about the necessities that the families of missing migrants have during the process of search, identification, and repatriation of remains.
Tuesday, November 9, 2021 to Wednesday, November 10, 2021
Mexico City
Virtual Session
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Mexico PPT
Coordinator of the event: 
Luis Alonso Serrano
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