Workshop on Labor Migration Governance

About the event: 

General objectiv:e 

Promoting an effective labor migration governance in an equitable and ethical recruitment related dimension as well as the prevention of fraudulent practices regarding recruitment. 
Specific objectives: 

1. Exchanging diagnosis and contextual information about the obstacles and main challenges for an effective labor migration governance.  
2. Sharing and exchanging best practices as well as lessons learned in the RCM Member Countries regarding initiatives that promote an effective labor migration governance and the protection of labor rights of migrants and encourage better cooperation opportunities between countries. 
3. Spread and promote the practical use of ILO’s international definition of “recruitment fees and related costs” in the region, even with the identification and discussion of the current and existing definitions in the RCM Member Countries; as well as instruments for the promotion of practices for the ethical recruitment and employment of migrants, such as IOM’s IRIS and CREST. 
4. Promoting data generation related to recruitment and identifying RCM Member Countries that could be interested in applying ILO’s and World Bank’s  methodologies for the measurement of process made regarding the SDG Indicator 10.7.1 for hiring cost reduction

Tuesday, September 3, 2019 to Thursday, September 5, 2019
Guatemala City
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Coordinator of the event: 
Alexandra Bonnie / Francesco Carella
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Concept Notes: 
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You can access the presentations and other documents shared during th workshop by clicking here.