RCM Extraordinary Declaration


The Regional Conference on Migration (RCM) call for shared regional responsibility for managing migration and displacement


The Regional Conference on Migration (RCM) recognizes that, in recent years, migration and displacement flows from and through the region have increased significantly and become more complex. This has been a consequence of diverse economic, socio-political, and environmental factors, resulting in mixed flows that include, among others, economic migrants, populations in higher situations of vulnerability and those seeking international protection.


The RCM reaffirms the importance of shared responsibility among countries of origin, transit, destination, and return, to foster a safe, orderly, and regular migration ensuring the full respect of the human rights of migrants while promoting regional conditions that discourage irregular migration. 


The RCM expresses its concern about irregular flows of migrants, who now face heightened risks in the current context dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to the possibility of being victims of organized crime and insecurity during their migratory journey.


Faced with this situation, the RCM reaffirms its commitment to promote regional efforts to strengthen effective migration governance and to protect the human rights of migrants who make up the migration flows that pass through our territories, and especially those in higher situations of vulnerability, which may include women and girls, recognizing that only through an orderly, safe, and regular migration the region will optimize the benefits that regular migration cycles can bring to the countries of origin, transit, destination, and return.


In this context, the RCM reiterates the commitment of its Member Countries, under the principle of shared responsibility, to strengthen the cooperation for development and to address the root causes of irregular migration, as well as to promote and enforce effective migration policies and foster stronger protection systems in the region, supporting opportunities for prosperity at home, respecting migrant’s human rights, and facilitating access to international protection for those in need.